PacketLight хочет запустить решение на 200G  в 1 лямбду?

PL-2000M is the PacketLight’s 200G multi-protocol multi-rate solution for building high capacity optical transport networks. Its flexible architecture enables the same device to be used in multiple applications and adapt to network growth and changes.

The PL-2000M product provides high transport capacity of 200G over a single wavelength in a modular and cost-effective way for rolling out services or uplifting existing network capacity. It fully meets the market demands for low power consumption, rack space savings and reduction in the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX by increasing the capacity of enterprise DCI (Data Center Interconnect) and metro networks.

The PL-2000M supports flexible mix of 10G/40G/100G client interfaces protocols and aggregating them into a 200G OTUC2’V2 uplink. The platform supports various operation modes of Muxponder and Tranponder and mixing different protocols and
rates over single uplink.

The PL-2000M 1U device supports up to two integrated optical amplifiers. It is the smallest, most integrated transport solution of its kind reaching up to 200Km/42dB without intermediate sites and 1,000Km with Inline sites.

The PL-2000M seamlessly integrates with PacketLight’s products to deliver-carrier, grade high-end 200G solutions capable of serving multiple applications and protocols for Enterprise/Data Center networks such as Data, Storage, Video,TDM, ATM.

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